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I think good interior design is really important for the enjoyment of life. A beautiful home environment that functions well for your individual or family needs can make a huge difference in your sense of well-being, your daily efficiency, your need for peace and your need to throw open your doors to welcome others. 

We don't have a formula. We strive to make each project different from the others. Therefore, the most important part of our design approach is learning about you--how you want to live, your tastes, your desires. We filter this information through our lenses of experience, vision and resources. Then, in stages, we develop ideas and plans to transform your space. We work with quality ingredients and other experienced professionals--architects, builders and talented craftspeople--to provide you the best possible result. I believe we've done our job when we've helped you reach a new level of pleasure, ease and grace in your home.    

My background spans fashion, product and graphic design. I've worked as an art director in advertising for large retail companies and co-founded the textile company, Goldfinch ( I've sewn clothing and curtains, developed fashion advertising campaigns and designed products and textile collections for diverse companies such as Blu Dot, John Derian and Target. I settled into interiors with Debra Herdman Design in 2001--a perfect venue to utilize the varied design experience I've accumulated.

We’d love to help you with your project—big, small or in between. Call 612.803.6275 or email

Thank you to our past, present and future clients. Opening your homes and lives to us is an honor.

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